Parthipura – Part 2

I start the second part of the story with due apologies to my readers. The absolute joblessness that I enjoyed in Perth totally vanished from the moment I decided to board the flight back to Hyd, via Singapore. Parthipura – Part 1, did seem a tad depressing, I would fancy it is merely the state of mind that was reflected. By the end of first week, I had devised plans to keep myself terribly busy over the three day long weekend. Well, it was the chance of a life-time to go around an Australian city, being absolutely anonymous, no one to call home and report to and more over do exactly what I would like to. Well, this does include starving myself for a simple vegetarian meal. Yes, continuous effect of wraps/rolls/burgers does take a toll on ones psychic and the yearning simply multiplies by N (where N tends to infinity).

Coming back to the plans of the weekend, I will limit myself to the Perth and its surrounding in this part, which essentially covers my Saturday’s itinerary.

After having woken up at a comfortable hour on the Saturday morning, I decided to furnish myself with the stocks from the Indian store. I did this en-route via a trip to the Western Australian Cricket Association or the famously known cricket ground – WACA. The timings for the ground trips and museum tours are so weird that no individual who is working 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM during weekdays can hope to visit. Added to that it is closed on public holidays and on days when there are matches. I wonder why is it even open to public (tourist perspective)!!! Anyways, I contented myself with the trip to the Race-course (just opposite WACA) and a peek of the stadium from the outside.

My exploit at the Indian store, included that of the life-saving Maggi noodles and some other stuff, which I hardly used. My next stop was the Swan bells. This is a tower constructed on the banks of the picturesque Swan River. As per the description kept outside – Swan bells is one of the world’s largest music instruments and includes the twelve bells of St. Martin-in-the-fields which have been ringing since well before the 15th century. I was lucky enough to witness the last time the bells rang for that day. No, I wasn’t really late; it was merely past one ‘o’ clock in the afternoon and just like everything there, the bells also close down early. The idea of going to Swan bells was driven by the ulterior motive of having a good Indian meal at Annalakshmi, the Indian restaurant that runs on charity where the guest is expected to pay as much he/she thinks fit for the food. They did start this restaurant in India and not very surprisingly the concept hasn’t been as much of a success as in abroad. Coming back to me, as luck should have it, the place is closed on Saturday afternoons and Mondays. So, once again I ended up having some firangi junk for lunch. But did go back to have a happy dinner there in the evening. Come on, I was starved for a proper vegetarian, Indian meal, couldn’t have left the chance for a million ;).

The best part of being alone is that you can sit anywhere for any long and then do whatever the self pleases at that point of time, without any botheration. The stroll from the Swan Bells to my hotel is a nice one, along the Swan River. Perth is a quiet place and families go around cycling along the river. There are cycles equipped to take children around. One also sees a lot of families enjoying a nice picnic lunch or playing in the parks. Yes, all this can be attributed to the low population levels and a lot more, but all said and done it does feel good.

Lazed around for the rest of day and had a great meal at Annalakshmi to wind up early. Well one thing I really enjoyed there was extended sleeping hours. Reason being pretty simple, my office was 15 minutes by walk and a small bus ride. I loved that!