Parthipura – Part 1

I have been getting numerous mails asking me as to how am I doing “Down Under”. “What have you seen so far?”, “Post all the pictures.” Hmmm.. I wouldn’t want to start the blog on a sad note, but then the most FREAKING thing about this place, or so I have heard about most places in OZ is, shops close down by 5 or max 6 in the evening. Praise the lord there are some shops that are kept open till 7 or 8 in the evening. Apparently, Thursdays and Fridays are the designated shopping days for the folks here. Logon, aasha ki kiran ab bhi kahin jeevit hai!!!

I am dying to talk to someone and talk more than just a “how you doing?”- I am supposedly doing good. I have all the time in the world to do absolutely anything. Unfortunately everything closes by 6 and it is dark by 5:30. A woman going around alone is not safe. So, will the kind souls tell me what other options do I have? Well, apart from updating my blog (every other day), I think I can hear folks back home yelling and sayinh, cook, cook. Yes, I agree. Even without them yelling. The last few days have been spent eating “ghaas-phoos”, in ordinary English, I am living on salads, burgers, wraps and weird stuff that folks here call food. Mercifully, I will be going to an Indian store this weekend. Why mercifully? Well, I did try getting something for today to cook, and came to know that chilli powder is out of stock. Not my fault, and left to eat one of the funniest dinners ever possible. Soup, apple, orange juice and left the Greek salad. He just put all possible crotons that one sees in the pots back home, into it. I couldn’t eat it. Just chucked it into the bin without least of remorse.

But the thing to still look forward is the lovely weather, pretty scenic views and some interesting shopping left to be done. I hope these things will not be disappointing. I’ll have to go about with a pinch of salt, am all alone, so wherever I go it will be “Main aur meri tanhayee, aksar yeh batein karte hai….” Oops, forgot my Ipod Nano and the rebel, chalo kuch to hai.


PS: The title is inspired by my dear friend, recent Ex-Infoscion.
PS 2: It is that undying habit to comment and express my critical views upon everything, something and nothing that is driving me to end up writing such posts. Earlier it was just few people who were subjected to this torture, now thru this blog I have the humanity. (The sadist in me – Chuckles!! )



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