Oz, here I am!

There are some cherished dreams, some secret desires, some things one has always wanted to do and some places that one always wanted to visit. Australia is among the top few countries I always wanted to visit. Out here on a short official trip, I have a pretty decent opportunity to visit some parts of Western Australia to be precise, Perth

and its surroundings. Quite an unexpected place to go when visiting this country, but that’s how I have always been and I am enjoying every minute of it.

After all the hustle-bustle and loads of attention from you-know-who, it suddenly feels very lonely. Tough is the word. But am sure we can get through. Probably worth the effort now, really??!!??

“Oceans apart day after day…..and I can’t seem to find my way…”

I covered my 14 hour journey in two steps with a couple of hours stop-over at Singapore. Trust me, I couldn’t sleep more than a couple of hours all through. Yes, for the soporiphic creature I am, it is actually very tough to sleep in an air-plane. Let me clear your doubts, I flew by the Singapore airlines and it is among the most comfortable airline to fly by. I just seem to have too many attractions every time I fly. The take-off, the view, the movies (managed to catch on two movies that I missed watching – Guru and Music & Lyrics), oh! well, the food is something not to be missed either. For all the things I end up trying and sometimes miserably failing, I enjoyed my meals on-board too. Wouldn’t want to alarm anyone, but all said and done the air-hostess on Singapore Airlines are mostly very pretty and I really envy the way they do their hair. I can never dream of having mine in any sane style ever. Coming to my pet window seat, it is always an attraction and here are some pics taken at 10000 odd meters above the sea-level covering the Aussie coastline.

Managed to settle down pretty cozily out here, will update with happenings in Perth in a short time from now.


3 thoughts on “Oz, here I am!

  1. Envies from someone who can’t move his arse beyond a radius of 30 km from work place…

    I love short visits to any place…and visits which are leisurely…

    OK…now to cool me off, get me my sovereigns…

    Wish you a very happy stay there and a pleasant and eventful trip while coming back home.

    – An ‘Onymous’

  2. hey manas,

    i eagerly opened ur blog to see if therez anything new and u dint disappoint me…:-)

    Explore the place and keep all of us posted on your discoveries…

    take care…

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