Master Card

“There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else there is Master Card.” The punch line is too good to be forgotten or to be ignored. Often I have pondered over what all are these “some things”.

A soft touch, a spontaneous hug, a smile can be said as some small things that money can never buy. They become all the more worth when coming from a person you love. Some nights before, having come across a similar situation, I was asked if the same satisfaction and happiness can be given to me if I were given a BMW. Surely not! There are certain achievements in life that come from pure love, sheer passion and total disregard to what others think. The people who manage to live by them are the true winners.

The outcome of these achievements could be success in relationships and/or profession. We hear people emphasizing the importance of the personal life and relationships and lecturing about the need to slow down professionally. How many have actually thought that if a person is a go-getter professionally, has an ambition to succeed beyond all odds, then what’s he/she made up of? For the better part of the times this is a consideration given to men and off late to some women. Man being the traditional bread winner, the ambition and stubbornness was and is still acceptable. In the changing times we have some women joining this club. It is a welcome change and what is even nicer is the fact, many of these ambitious or super-ambitious men actually want such women in their life too.

I had started this post with a plan to write about the “some things” and “everything else” that money cannot/can buy. A lot has been said about the finer aspects and emotional support. But having them is just not enough. Rather I would say, because you have them, you now should be in a position to get more from life. Otherwise, where is the difference between you and the ordinary bloke on the road? In the mire of comparisons, unsatisfied jobs, and daily routines – we somehow tend to loose the focus on the bigger picture.

Living in the present and looking ahead, just a tad little bit toward the bigger picture can help ease one out of lot of frustrating things. A preachy blog! Well, yes. Thought it was pertinent to the busy, horrid schedules that we lead. And having learnt to tackle it, I do have some right to preach. What say? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Master Card

  1. you started somewhere and ended up somewhere else…ad of MasterCard was the only takeaway…can do better with such topics!

  2. @Anon: I did somehow start the blog to be a lil drifty. So, in a way it did achieve its purpose. But then no denying, it could have been better. 🙂

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