My daily bus drive to office takes me around the city in about an hours’ time. The best part of the morning ride is the view of the airport runway. Many a times the timing of our bus has been such that the aeroplane just about lands or is about to take off. The alignment during take off is perfect. The front wheels are exactly in middle of the lights that are placed for marking this. There is hardly any level of deviation to this.

To me, the take-off, airborne flight and landing have always been a matter of awe. Fine, I heard people yelling that science has progressed so much and all the jibberish and so on, but I insist on writing this blog. I insist on capturing those innocent and pristine memories of childhood when I used to stand in my balcony and wave at those helicopters or an occasional plane that flew over our house. And assume that they can actually see me and they do wave back, just that I can’t see that they are waving. Sometimes even go running behind the plane in an attempt to chase it. I remember my little bro calling the Airport, Hairport and the Aeroplane, Heroplane. It has kind of stuck on and mostly all of us at home still use the same name. It instantly brings a smile on our faces and throws one into reverie of the golden period.

Looking at the surface from a height of thousands of feet for an acrophobic can be a quite exhilarating experience. I never miss the window seat in my journeys. Well if the plane crashes then I might as well see my last descent. Some would say, what a pessimistic way of travel, but then I look at it otherwise. I am in absolute awe of the latest Boeing 787. The pics sent were courtesy one of my Aerospace engineer friend. This guy is scared of flying, for the simple reason that he kinda knows what could be wrong because of such and such noise. Good gracious! I didn’t take that branch in my engineering; otherwise added to my fear things would just have been “flights of fantasy”.

And yes, I am soon to get a Boeing craft as a gift from the same “Aero” friend. Will update the blog with a pic, as and when I get it.

This post is dedicated to the same “Aero A” friend.


2 thoughts on “Heroplane

  1. Yesss! Aeroplanes are amazing things… I am usually not in awe of any sort of machinery, but have always been fascinated by aeroplanes, and once spent 4 hours at the delhi airport just watching planes take off and land. And isn’t it beautiful to see sunsets and sunrises when you are airborne… and also the fluffy clouds that make you feel that they will catch if you fall?

  2. @Sea and sky: Our fascination is pretty mutual. The take-off and landing are as fascinating as the flight in iteself.
    The fluffy clouds and azure blue is a sight in itself. Night sky is terrific too.
    That’s one reason I never miss a window seat 🙂
    I think another post is required to do justice to the in-flight sight seeing experience. Well pointed out. Thank You!

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