The urge to blog comes up at the most inopportune moments. Worst time is when the lights are out and am cozily wrapped up in my blanket. I think am at my scribing best at that time and totally loath the idea of changing status quo. Chances are rare when I have overcome my “Garfieldian” tendencies to open my lappy and start scribbling.
Presumably this situation is similar with many of us. Some I heard, have their brainwaves in the loo (man! What a place!!??!!) . I wonder what all are the other places/times when the bulb glows. (doesn’t that phrase immediately remind one of the scene when Jerry has a brainwave to tackle Tom? It does for me 🙂 )

So whenever or whatever, I hope the bulbs keep popping for you when required all through the coming year.

Yippie…. 2007 is coming soon.


2 thoughts on “Urge

  1. True. Add early mornings too. They are my best mornings to finish pending work.

    Wish u happy and wonderful new year ahead!

  2. Too late to comment on the post, may be! Let me do it, anyway!

    My bulb glows mostly at 3 in the morning. Wake up suddenly and then there is a brilliant idea!

    I plan to put a pencil and a notepad by my bedside all the time. I wonder when I will implement it!


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