Winters in Hyd

The onset of winter in these parts of the country is very different from those in northern part of the country. For that matter elsewhere in the world where temperatures dip very low during the day and snow covered landscapes are a regular feature.

All said and done, the winters here in Hyd are nice in their own way. A respite from the scorching summers that never seems to end. Mornings are lined with sun and a slight chill in the air that seems to play a hide – n – seek with ones mood. An instantly smile is obvious. What better way to start a day?

The slightest signs of chill in the air and folks around are out with their winter couture. Well, even we should get a chance to sport all those cardigans and jackets painfully collected to ward off the wintery blues. आखिर हमे हक्क नही है क्य। ? That kind of seems to be the attitude around here. Having stayed in a very cold place at one point of time, this attitude did seem to put me off. Did have a condescending look toward all those creatures who brought out the sweaters at the slightest provocation of cold. But then, times have changed, am soon to be a quarter centurian and more to say “Once a Hyderabadi, always a Hyderabadi”. Caring a damn about what the outsiders think, I have joined the bandwagon with utmost alacrity.

With the IT corporates abuzz, this laid back town is now running to keep up with the changing times. I am both happy and sad with this change. The city dresses itself to follow all the myriad festivals coming up and Christmas and New year being round the corner along with Id, winters in Hyd are very vibrant, in spite of the chill. What the heck!!! I get to wear my jackets 😉


3 thoughts on “Winters in Hyd

  1. At last, the ‘chills’ of Hyderabad winters did nudge you to post your latest musings. 🙂 The gap gave a feeling that you abandoned your ‘sentience’. Good to see you back.

    Nice way to creep in your b’day reminder to us. :). True to the letter: “Once a Hyderabadi, always a Hyderabadi”.

    – An Onymous.

  2. Nice one. Yeah I laugh at myself when I think of my days of winter ( with inches of snow all over and -20F to 5 F max temparatures in Michigan) with winter in Hyderabad.

    Advance/belated wishes to you on becoming quarter centurian.

  3. winter ?
    in hyd ?

    am sticking true to my vow of not wearing any woollens at hyd this winder. looks like i’ve almost made it thr, heh heh

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