Addiction or Indulgence?

My intro happened when I was in class six. The freezing temperatures were the compelling factors for this meet. I was not averse to the idea but then the enthusiasm was also not too high to try out something new. Mom insisted may be you could have biscuits and start to know more. The prospect didn’t seem bad and decided to taste for the very first time what tea was like.

From dipping biscuits to an all time anytime tea – a –holic, I am a self confessed tea freak who lives by the notion that there can never be anything better to drink than this. I mean in any circumstance a cup of tea is always gladly welcome. Lately, I was deprived of this at office cos of certain logistic constraints, in short I didn’t have a cup to drink from the dispenser. Ginger tea or a nice well made home tea tops the charts but then once you are soo addicted it seems imperative to have it in any which way. I don’t compromise much upon it though, coz I went all the searching for the best tea stall even during my Sing stay. My poor friends had to withstand my madness of having it from one particular place only irrespective of whatever the situation.

If there were some Things that I can never live without, I think tea tops it all. I can go all preachy about how it is good for general health and blah blah, but let me stop right here. Dedicating a post to it must have given you enough of an idea what a freak I am.
Well, if you also have such an addiction or rather indulgence do let me know. It’s always nice to know .

Cheers and happy Tindulgence!

PS: This post is also dedicated to one of my amazing tea companion with whom I have shared many a lovely conversations. 🙂


One thought on “Addiction or Indulgence?

  1. Coffee (Actually its Pepsi, but I’ll stick to the genre here :D) is wht really sets my moods ryt!! But must say tht Tea has its advantages too :).

    Ek cutting chai..pani kam, Manasa.. the nxt time we meet.. sarenaa?? 😀

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