Sometimes its just tad depressing for no point whatsoever. Everything simply seems an absolute waste. A lack of enthu or anything that’s left of it. Wonder what causes this void. This complete feeling of being stranded in an abyss and nothing that I do seems to lift me from here.

Does this happen to all? Or am I one of those few souls who end up feeling absolutely lonely in spite of the fact I have everyone around.

I hate being morbid!


5 thoughts on “Swings

  1. hey dont worry.. everyone goes through such a phase.. dont worry you will get out of it..
    and yes.. each one of us go through such moments..

  2. No you are not. It is natural and even healthy to feel ‘down’ sometimes…the human system can’t handle a 24-hour high. Perhaps its a sign that you’re too stressed or fatigued and need rest (or vitamins perhaps).

  3. Hey Soumya and Ideasmith!

    Thanks a lot ladies! Yes, I realise how much ever natural it is to feel down.. at that moment it just feels that u r the only one like that 🙂

    But then.. reading ur posts.. well it does make me feel good.

    Thanks again 🙂

  4. something or may be at the moment dont u think u r attracted to any thing.. not the books, not the work, nor ur life has anything interesting and catches ur imagination…isnt it a time for a small search around for some thought process and discovering a few interesting facets that u can cover up in Life and make it as spicier as u want .. What say Queen @ Home ???? 🙂

  5. Hey Gal…Looks like i have got some company..

    yeah there have been so many times when ive felt the same ..when you are searching for something you urself dont know what and why …and you find yourself all alone in that world !

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