Random thoughts

There are times when I feel like entering a copy of every moment that goes past or rather observations that would make up something interesting to ponder. The feeling is overpowering. A greed to capture the most vivid or weirdest of incidents that fascinate me.

An interesting play of light on water or a lovely long ride to end of a country on a moon lit night, the moment seems just beyond words to capture. The harmony of the waves gently caressing the white sands or the expanse of azure stretching to the horizon. Some of the most stellar settings of the nature are so simply done, I am humbled.

Thrown in with an equally interesting and lively mix of company makes the experience cherish. The disparity in thought or the equanimity in action is also fun. Couldn’t help but notice that there should just be one chef per kitchen. The rest as followers makes things amiable. One place where I can surely say that team work is good but contributing ideas is a bad option.

What makes all this randomness complete is the music that seems to be inherent in all the elements that are a part of it.


One thought on “Random thoughts

  1. Sometimes ‘silence’ speaks dear Maanasa. ‘Words’ many a time spoil the subtleties of ‘The moments’ 😉 and like minds do have a connotative agreement; like the Frank Sinatra & Nancy Sinatra song, “Something stupid” 😉

    Hmm…btw, you never want to come of the kitchen…??? Chefy…??? :)). You called this randomness…??? Well, I prefer you spend some time there and practice well before you can experiment on me. 😉

    And, for the music part, I am listening to “Starry starry night”, by Cliff Richard as a complement to your post. 🙂

    – An “onymous”

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