Single… and ready to…mingle??

Alone!!! Staying all by myself in a far off land isn’t all that bad. Connected to the rest of the world with the best form of communication, am very content with my existence. Except that sometimes there is quite a depression that sets in during the night. The prospect of preparing one’s own dinner and eating the same, oh lord! What an agony! The reason you are still able to see this post is coz the primary contents of my victuals are a generous gesture from my aunt. In spite of such an act I still have to do the minimum, cook the rice. Believe me, it isn’t such a bad thing to do. Just that I have to clean all those vessels I utilize in my cooking and eating, immediately after I have my dinner, is what depresses me the most.

With a bout of overconfidence that I acquired in the last few days, in preparing rice in the most original style, I permitted myself to enjoy a small chat and let the rice overcook. Frankly, I cannot lie out here, so let me say I burnt some of it. Don’t worry, I still had a hearty dinner, but you can definitely imagine what an agony it was to clean the mess. This is one of the main reasons that deters me from cooking. The amount of cleaning that goes into the process kills the enthu in totality. One can ask, as to why bother about the neatness aspect and all, but the neatness freak in me cannot tolerate.

Burdened by my whims for neatness and torn for a nice home meal, I subject myself to such torture. I suppose finding a roomie might help me in humouring things a little. So long people… main aur mera kitchen… aksar yeh sochte hai… tum na hote to kaisa hote…

Single and not really ready to mingle… too much of a burden just for avoiding some cleaning.
Mama… am coming back to you 😉



7 thoughts on “Single… and ready to…mingle??

  1. hey..

    howz u?? came across ur blog after long time…

    so, howz s’pore doing…

    have a nice time,

  2. Hmm…not bad…“neatness freak”…???🙂 ‘…in preparing rice in the most original style…’ And, Lady Maanasa, may I ask what form is that…??? ;). Wish you save me from all that scary, char-ry ‘original’ stuff you are undertaking so painstakingly now, when you are back…??? :))

    Yes. “Single…and ready to…mingle” :))

    – An-‘onymous’ 😉

  3. manasaaaaaaaaaaa… looks like u have many accidental bloggers tday..howz you doing man?? hmm.. lemme read all the posts and i will come back with a comment again…..

  4. ready to mingle..with a dishwasher-cum-cook eh :pp

    having a roomie DOES have an advantage m, u see.

    in cairo, he wasn’t exactly my best friend( or even close), but he was a superb cook ! and that was one big yummy sambhar every 3 days !
    (yeah yeah jaan boojh ke likh raha hoon..did i rub in hard enuff?) :pp

  5. To all people who took the pains to critique this post… Thanks!

    For some who think I shud get married I think I have found better solutions to avoid inconvenience to my existence and remain quite happy.

    Am sure ur helpful souls are rested happily 🙂

  6. I was laughing at your post that you are worried of the mess by just cooking rice. And that too a girl. come on… now a days Guys are smart in doing all this stuff in less than 30 mins.

    I used to live alone and I just cook one curry… the time taken to wash utensils, cut veggies and cook is more than an hour.. now the time has been reduced to 30 mins. I feel very happy that I can cook and eat some traditional Indian food than some junk fast food.

    Good luck with your adventures of forced Batchelortte!

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