Am finally in Singapore! Didn’t quite expect that to happen so soon, but then no regrets either. Pretty much a feeling of home and a always a lingering feeling that India should also be like this at some point of time soon. The infrastructure here is amazing and its truly an experience.

Work pressures take away a lot of time but then the challenge lies in being part of both worlds. A number of new things out here and a lot of interesting stuff to do, the freedom here is what probably I enjoy more than anything. My exploration of this place has just begun and my future blogs might see a lot more of this.

An introduction to the Indian community here was definitely interesting. Predominantly dominated by the Tamil Indians, Tamil is one language that’s every where. The perennial misconceptions of most of these NRIs about India and its people and categorizing a nation on that basis, is something I don’t appreciate. But then I suppose it has always been like that.

Yes, one thing I have definitely done is visiting the famous ‘Mustafa’ shopping arcade. As I see it my trips have kind of just begun and there is lots of shopping ahead for me.

This pic happens to be from my room on the 12th floor. I love the view!


One thought on “Singapore!

  1. Great view !! Albeit I might still snigger about the view from my Cairo apartment being more colourful.

    I dunno about NRI’s having misconceptions abt ther country, but I can certainly picture the misconceptions of ppl of OTHER nationalities based on the characterisitics of the NRIs settled there. A simple example : a visitor to the Gulf can be forgiven for thinking that the chief inhabitants of India are the Mallus 🙂

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