Deadlines Amuse Me!

Well this was my motto, as a developer, things are cool. You are given such and such work to be completed by such and such time, you just do it. There always remains a yearning desire to be in the coveted position of a lead.

Progress to be a lead and deadlines are no more amusing! Why? Well, simply because doing a task is by far the easier thing to do than getting it done by someone. Struggle or search, whatever the means one can learn and complete a task. There exist varied elements that one comes across, while getting tasks done. Some dependable and some who are not. Now welcome to the third variety, who seemingly gives one, a very high perception of his/her capability but in the end churn up issues that definitely create a perception of standing in at the bottom of an abyss.

But then, all cribs being put up, I still love it when I am in charge. The satisfaction of seeing a good job done or rather let me put it, getting a good job done with such disparate elements is a matter of glee.

Hoping to bask in that situation… I now get back into my monitors role. Yes, deadlines kinda amuse me.


One thought on “Deadlines Amuse Me!

  1. From your blog I picture you to be a person who is tasting the position of a leader for the first time. Yes I too agree that it gets hectic at times specially getting the work done from someone who is adamant not to support you.

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