First Love

How often does it happen that one realises the beauty of a situation that they have been through only after, all of it is over and will never return? Am sure many times. The golden era of school days, the last few months in college and many such moments that one either wants to desperately hold on to or later in time cherishes them throughout life.

First love! Ah! For people who have experienced this can relate reliving that unforgettable period. Undeniably, being in love is always an experience worth reckoning, but the first time to have fallen in love is indeed different. It really takes a while before you realise that “I am in love!” . The various doubts plagued with it if you are seriously in one or is it just another bout of infatuation. Probably ranging of a higher order. As it mostly happens for many this realization dawns after a long time and the lucky few who do it in advance revel in it.

Why should this incident or phase be treated so special? Well, irrespective of the person you have fallen in love with (for all one knows he/she might be a complete jerk, that’s beyond point) it is the mere fact that it is for the very first time in your life that you have actually realised what it is to experience love from a partner. To be able to unconditionally love a person, who was a stranger few days/weeks/months back, is definitely a revelation to oneself. “I am capable of so much!” It is these feelings that can help a person evolve into a much better and lovable person.

There are some lucky ones who find their true love in the first person they fall in love with. Superb! As, I believe it is one of the purest forms of love and expression, absolutely guileless. But then, for the many others who aren’t that lucky/unlucky, chill people! You have had a great time, surely and upon choice, can now be a much better person.

Celebrate life!


3 thoughts on “First Love

  1. Elegant piece of writing…well said abt first love…i became nostalgic whn i read those lines….completely agree with u..first love is a gr8 feeling..all of a sudden u feel there is someone with whom u can share all the joy with….abundant confidence….even if u never end up in cherishing the first love..atleast we can cherish those sweet memories…..

  2. Just letting know know a piece of research shows that guys are more happy when they settle down after having experienced few “loves” whereas girls in gen are happy to settle down with their first love …so make sure the first guy you love has already loved some one …

  3. world sure looks beautiful place when you are in love for first time.irrespective of outcome , it sure is wonderful feeling one should experience in his/her lifetime :).BTW good post !

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