Always wondered what is so fascinating about water and the seas… my musings were answered with an experience absolutely fascinating and beyond words.

Waves softly hurtling the boat that monotony seemed desirable. A sense of absolute peace and happiness one would never want to let go of. A companion so close that one could relate to and feel the connection with the power that created them. The setting sun casting its reflection was a sight to be cherished. All in all an atmosphere that brought in a feeling to share it with some special people and also to remain alone. Never had I experienced such a dilemma and yet was in a position where I could afford both.

Nature has a way of showing how its dances are so similar to the vicissitudes of our lives. The rhythmic movement of the sea, windswept seemed like a spread of muslin stretching to the ends of the earth. The time had stopped and it was a moment to live in. Undulation that was just there for me, in life and for eternity.


2 thoughts on “Undulation

  1. hey manasa,

    me a firstie visitor to ur page…

    yeah there is this something about the seas that brings out the child in you…actions as simple as watching the sun sink into the mighty sea…

    and the froth near to the sand…

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