Came upon this write up in a newspaper. How simple and how true, I really loved this.

What’s so romantic about growing old with someone?
When does old begin?
With the first sachet of hair dye?
Or when you start cutting down the sugar?
For that matter when does young end?
You know, it won’t ever.
Not when your eyes meet across a crowded room,
And the magic remains the same as the moment you met.

Celebrate life!


4 thoughts on “Life

  1. Hmmm!
    I liked this one “When the eyes met in a crowded room”.
    Yup its a very nice feeling, sneaking a look.
    And sometimes you get excited and say to yourself “Oh Yes! He looked at me. Should I again look at him. No i should not. But whats wrong if I take a look.”
    And getting young or old is solely your thinking.
    But it surely must be so thrilling, so romantic to be together till end of time.

  2. Hi!

    You visited my blog sometime back…am only sorry I took so long to check back.

    I like this post…simple, sweet and not preachy at all.

    Keep writing!

  3. lovely and simple – conveys the meaning of life and love….I feel the same joy after 10 years and am sure it would be the same after 10s of years…

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