Impossible relationships!

“My gift to impossible relationships…” says Richard Gere in Pretty Woman and gives the money agreed upon. I have lost count of how many times I have watched this movie. It keeps me mesmerized every time I see and every time I do, I come across another nuance of the relationship that the central characters share. Call it an obsession but then all said and done I probably enjoy it so much may be because I can relate to it in some ways. How many times have we wondered about the way relationships take a turn? I suppose every time one touches that discordant chord. For sure this does happen quite a number of times.

I have lost my appetite over them. I have lost my peace of mind over them. Can’t imagine such things happening to me. These seem so alien, I mean why would you want to spoil your health and most importantly mess your mental state because someone you have come across and have started liking and eventually loving to an extent that the above mentioned things seem trivial. I am selfish and arrogant and still am capable of such feelings! Agreed am not some robot, who lacks feelings, but still this quandary beats me. The rationale tells you its pure stupidity but then your heart contradicts it with vehemence. So what should the poor being do? Follow your mind and try to tell yourself that its ok, these kinda things are not for me and are practically impossible or follow your heart and hence pursue the feelings… and in some extreme cases may pursue the interest that has caused this. 🙂

Impossible relationships… the phrase seems more than apt. Just makes me say, “Can’t live with it and can’t live without it.”

Having said this, I want you to express your views. Not to present a solution, because that seems a stupidity to ask, but a point of view, a perspective.


4 thoughts on “Impossible relationships!

  1. Pretty Woman, must say a nice movie from Julia’s side.
    The characters; never thot much of them.
    Relationships; well I try to keep them as simple as possible. For instance if I like someone I speak it. If I hate someone I again speak it.
    Complex relations are created by us.
    Like, when you said you like/love someone to the point where everything else becomes trivial then why was it that you were not able to express it.
    Not expressing it causes a tremendous furore inside you.
    So again the complexity is introduced here by us only.
    To some of us dwelling in this misery of complex relations is like having a ‘kick’. I think it gives an extreme pleasure, a ‘high’, sulking in the incapability of resolving the complexity.

  2. @anon: I agree with your views and its nice to know there are people who tend to be direct.

    But, I have seen that it is usually rare when the all people concerned in any kind of relationship are open enough. Harping on past wounds, it is sad and many tend to do it. But only dilemma remains as to how to make sure this openness in communication exists and also to maintain the same from my side.

  3. True…Until now I had a feeling whether I was the only one experiencing such kind of thing…As u r, so am I…a selfish girl…But I really went to the point that everything else seemed trivial … I didnt have the guts to express may be fearing that I’ll loose the one I like…the one that I only imagined for quite a time, when on the verge of thinking that “one”‘s existance is impossible, I met the one…But, inspite of that I lost him…or may be I think so. But I guess there’s no end to this…People come and people go, u’ll be left only with the ones that u r destined for…I honestly thought love and relationships are fake until I hit upon one…and now I know the power though I guess I lost it…Yeah U never know until u loose something…May be its just a crush or sheer infatuation…but it sure is a powerful one…powerful enough to shake the very foundations upon which I was having the costume of air-tight bravery not letting people notice the inner weakness of mine…But…Lastly its for sure….in this never ending and ever flowing river called life, no matter how strong ur affection is for someone…it wouldn’t last if not destined for…

  4. knowing u the way i is’nt too much of a surprise to me..AGAIN NOT THAT IT WAS EXPECTED OF YA!u just under estimate urself..dats it

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