Memories, memories and more of them. Sometimes one is left with nothing but them. One cannot touch or change or mar them. Instances of the past those remain frozen in spite of the changes occurring all along. How marvelous are some and also are some causing the pain that one never wished would have been through. But then, what is the fun having just good memories? Personally, the trying ones tend to linger longer. It definitely puts a person’s perspective into picture. How would you take it? Learn from it and tackle it or run away from it for the rest of your life? The latter somehow seems easier, though the former is called a best practice. By whom? Well the people in gen. Or more aptly the people who do not wish an individual to get bogged down by them in future. Those people who care for that individual.

The irony remains that at times one doesn’t even want to forget those memories. Tend to cling on to them. I really wonder why. Does this give them a reason to sympathize with what happened to them and then point out the plausible reasons? Kind of self-pity. Or do these memories just happen to recur when one comes in contact with some Memory from the past that links to the main incident? In the process of clearing that old closet did you accidentally dust the dust off those things, which were meant to be dead and bygone?

Reasons could be many, but a Memory does remain yet another fascinating facet of the mind. Always in awe and always trying to know more about yet another enigma.

Urs truly.


2 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Well, good memories are those which are meant to be remembered over and over again…that is what those are for!! But then clinging on to bad memories and a minute spent over them is a sheer waste of time and resources…the best approach here would be to analyse the so called bad memory and kill it, thereby you can build your learning over the bad one and cherish the good ones…can have best of both worlds if you wish to!! But do ppl wish to is the BIG question??

  2. hi both of you
    i agree with kiran..never get bogged down by emotional baggage.There is nothing called good or bad in the world …its the way one percieves things.pick things which please you at that moment and get on…look back andthink sometimes the things which seemed good earlier may appear not so now.

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