Childhood lost!

Precocious! I heard myself say every time I had an encounter with my little cousin. Children have fascinated me in their own special way. But, off late am facing a certain degree of skepticism when approaching those above the age of seven.

I have found myself enjoying so much with children because of the single reason that I tend to relive my childhood every time I spend time with them. Am glad that I have had quite a splendid time as a child with most of my whims taken care of. Interestingly, I am being pampered at this age, more than I can ever remember. Thanks to my friends and well-wishers. 🙂

It is quite natural to have one’s mom or dad pet the child. In the nuclear families it is but the only thing to do. Parents completely devote their entire attention and energies toward the single child or max a couple of them. Seems a pretty decent proposition. But then, how often do we see children throwing a tantrum and parents acquiesce it? Quite often is my observation. I wouldn’t comment upon the ways of parenting, as I lack experience. What I cannot fathom is that how is it in the interest of the child to give into every whim? That’s quite exactly the case with my little cousin. She is an intelligent and well behaved child, but then the excessive doesn’t gel with it.

Owing to remarkable technological changes, children today seem to be quite knowledgeable about a number of things. Saying this might sound a cliché on my part, but I had another cousin of mine, eight years my junior, support the same. The cause for concern is that these children in their quest to grow up faster are missing some of the best years of their lives. The innocence which is the essence of childhood is lost. No more can one marvel at their thoughts, if all the while it seems so very precocious.

Some day, I hope to have children of my own and can only hope I am not an excessively indulgent parent and that they preserve the essence of childhood for the time they should.


3 thoughts on “Childhood lost!

  1. Your take on childhood is really good. When someone asks me what are my golden days I lived so far. I always say it is “my childhood”.

    Btw, just found this blog. Interesting one.

  2. Very well said Manasa!! Thats what I exactly feel abt children now a days. Children are not just being children anymore. They just lost childhood or the innocent part of childhood. I always enjoyed being with children, particularly tiny tots and so whenever I call my parents in India, I always try talking to neighbours’ children but only for couple of minutes coz after that either they wouldn’t be interested in talking to me or I wouldn’t be intersted as we just dont connect to each other. They dont comprehend/understand when I try to pamper them or talk like we usually talk to children. And for me they are too logical, too grown up, too matured for their age of 3-4-5 yrs.

    In yahoo! music I often see one particular ad abt girls science education fund or something like that, which shows a little kid of 3 yrs and her father on beach and girl asks why the sky is blue. Father says its blue so that it could match her beautiful eyes but the girl replies saying hez wrong and giving all the technicical information about that. I feel its little too much for a kid of her age. I mean, I just expect a kid to be as innocent and sweet as a kid can be.

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