Tech blogs.

The last three days have been devoted into extensive blogging :-). Well this time around been prowling the technical blogs. Frankly admitting, I was intimidated by some of the articles I read. Here I am, trying to decipher the basics and these people write a technical blog! Can’t stand this and have a need to understand the underlying concept. So started reading the blog of one of the senior DBA and a self-professed Oracle geek. Really, enjoyed the way he wrote and actually enjoyed the way he presented the various concepts.

Back in school, I realized that only if one has a good teacher for a particular subject can one really relish that subject. Automatically, one can delve deep into the subject and think of many things just beyond the realm of w hat is part of the curriculum. A genuine interest can be aroused among any, even for a subject that might seem as dreary as history. Well thanks to Sister Leela, I enjoyed it. Thanks mam!

So coming back this techies blog, I like the lucidity and clarity with which he presents some of the most involved concepts. The use of simple and clear day to day examples (some might seem stupid, at times) helps the reader in effectively understanding the underlying concept. An art I must say. Presumably, this might come in with years of experience and hard-work.

All in all, I have been lapping up most of the articles that have been presented so far.


One thought on “Tech blogs.

  1. Well, a person’s greatness lies in making ppl understand complex concepts in a lucid manner and the author of the blog has had a definite effect on you…You too can write a technical blog on Cognos and I will start looking up to you as a technical person 🙂

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