Ambition is what drives many people. My next question would be, where? Am not sure if it always helps to be like this. Rather, is every individual who is a possessor of this raving ambition having the capacity to handle his/her life? Not just in terms of achieving that final goal, but how do they try and get through that major part of journey called life? These questions have plagued me for a while now and after having just finished Eric Segal’s The Class, I think I can safely assume I kind of understand these characters.

Daniel Rossi, Theodore Lambros, George Keller, Jason Gillbert and Andrew Elliot are the central characters of this lovely book. A gifted pianist, a dedicated academician, a shrewd public servant or a zealous patriot and a gifted diarist, each character has been etched carefully. My favourite being Jason Gillbert. I would call him Mr.Perfect. I think I have known one Jason, have to see if this young man really is one. Coming to Rossi, he somehow seems as though I have known a person like him for a while now. So very passionate and so driven. Lambrose and Keller are new facets of Rossi and Gillbert but never as good as them. Andrew Elliot, the preppie was a much essential character to bind the raging ones. He would remain the simplest of all them.
The Class of 58 has somehow left an indelible mark upon me and this blog is not a book review, but a bookmark to remind me of Segal’s best described characters.

If one wants to know as to why Jason Gillbert is Mr.Perfect or what makes these men so tantalizing, then its time to read The Class.


3 thoughts on “Class

  1. Some guidance to read the book this!! Four imaginary characters driven by ambition…and thats it. Some enticing facts had to be given to make me go and read the book…at this moment of time, maybe I will wait for the book to arrive at my hands…;)

  2. @Kiran: You are right sir. I was too much into the book to realise that a person who has not read the book may not see what I meant. One of my virtual commenters shared my passion as the person had already read that book.

    Thanks for it 🙂

  3. In my quest to reach my goal..which is too far away..I find myself incapable of going through the journey of life..

    the most interesting part of life..the priorities in life change as a funciton of time..and at every time interval you have to readjust lot of things to always keep the final goal at the top in the list of priorities…and to do that it needs lot of sacrificies, patience and persistance…..


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