My experiment with words continues. There are in f…

My experiment with words continues. There are in fact so many things that form a part of the written etiquette that have to be followed for effective written communication. Am not sure if all my blogs adhere to those, but then it is better late than never.

In this journey of words and their structure, MS Word forms an effective tool. One can’t completely rely on it, but it does help correcting many sentence constructions. Writing arbitrarily on something or everything seems to be the only thing that’s going on in my head these days. That brings me to the idea of a muse. It seems to me that my best efforts are the ones I probably write in my mind. I know that it sounds laughable, but then I seemed to be struck with the Kubla Khan effect, even without the poet’s maladies. The best of ideas seem to be pouring when the lights are off and am about to hit the sack… reflecting upon the day or the days gone past. Hmm… so I guess night lenses seem absolutely essential. Somehow all this seems to be too much of an investment towards my writings. But then, if some of my friends want to see me filling my blog on a regular basis… I think this is now becoming a must. 😉 What say people? Cannot say I have many people visiting my blog very often, but the few who do mean a lot to me.

The harsh realities of this world sadden me at times. Some of the most accomplished writers seem not to know how to criticize a written piece. It is not enough to just point the negative aspect of the piece. It is a must to point the positive aspects if one has decided to comment. I think every piece of art will have something to praise upon. How can these ‘experienced writers’ forget this basic fact? Yes, I did get some comments upon some of my scribbles. I knew there were abundantly many reasons to have written the piece much better but I also knew it was not bad. Critical comments are most welcome. In fact I love them very much. But what I came across was something far crummier. It is sad to even mention it that I refrain from blogging it.

But then, it’s me and I’ll Reclaim my life !!!


2 thoughts on “My experiment with words continues. There are in f…

  1. Well, critics or no critics, a writer’s will take him/her all the way to glory…keep writing and be sure that u will always have an admirer reading it whatever u write!!

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