Rishton ki dagar hai mushkil…

Its very hot nowadays in Hyd, but then its Hyd. I still love this place. Iss shahar main rishton ko kayyam rakhna, kabhi kabhi mushkil lagta hai….
Sister’s enagagement was followed by all the fanfare and fun that’s so usual at these occasions. But, it did get me thinking into those myriad nuances involved in a marriage.

Listening to Shubha Mudgal, had to quote this….

rishta jo jisme dooriyaan ho, saans aaye jaye,
tera bhi apna bhi geet ho, woh bhi koi geet gaye,
khud ko mitana na chahe, tujhko badalna na chahe,
jaisa bhi hai tu tujhko vaise hi jo apnaye….

I find this stanza so very apt. So very important, that I wonder if I’ll find someone who respects such a belief….. and moreover …. is mine.


4 thoughts on “Rishton ki dagar hai mushkil…

  1. Prasoon’s Best!!!

    BTW did you find anybody??
    Maybe Prasoon did.. to be so inspired to write thus…

    I like all the songs in this album… lyrics and all…

  2. I am wndering what is Adastrian? Where have you got the name? I will be very glad to share my experience with about Adastrian!

  3. Hey!! I was trying to find this song, and landed at your blog, only to realise I have read you earlier, and you’ve visited my blog way back too 🙂 Small small world 🙂 Btw, any idea where I can download the entire song? Thx 🙂

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