Coming back home after a while, I had to arrange my clothes back into my closet. Living out of a suitcase is something I detest. I enjoy simple luxuries and this is one such. For the first time I realised how very intimate is one’s closet. There are clothes one would never want to leave because they are sooo comfy or have proven to be lucky. And also some for which I have always said… Yes! I will reduce and fit into them. Never happened though 😦 . Still I am not the sorts to loose hope 😉 . On the other hand there are clothes that I absolutely hate and keep them for some reason I cannot fathom.
Among the ones that remain my favorite there are some which have great sentimental value. Its because someone gave it or suggested or thought that it looks fabulous on me.
Offlate picking up clothes for all and deciding what would suit them… I realised that the clothes reflect so much of the individual’s personality. And yesterday while deciding combis for Dad, I proved it yet again that I can make a double knot tie. Was mightily pleased with myself for having done it after a gap of eight years.
I have always worn them as per my mood and convenience. Its only when one loves to wear someting that one carry with that required panache.


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