At work today, I was bored of redesigning some more reports. Strolled over to my colleague’s desk and were extolling the merits of being an integral part of this project. I thought that the table vibrated because of my colleague’s joke, but then saw people moving out. Thought it was one of those routine fire drills that no one takes too seriously and deduced that our fire alarm was not working. Well, it turned out to be an earth quake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale. As the epi-center was Koyna, many of us hardly realized it.

Have read innumerable forwards that keep telling one to be happy, live your life to the fullest or live every moment and all, one hardly realizes the intended meaning… till the time comes when circumstances in life suddenly jolt us back to reality. This life is short and has an end. We tend to forget that while bothering about the day to day needs, running after the next high rung position or acquiring some more wealth for our comfort. The bigger picture is lost. What is the point depriving oneself of all those simple things that make one happy and saying that I’ll enjoy them later?
With a history of having experienced two major quakes and a flood in a place like Hyd (which was mostly unlikely), I think its time I stop procrastinating and taking up things that really matter to me without further ado … b’coz anything can happen just anywhere
Retro speak: I think I have the inherent ability to make my presence felt. 😉 I know what all of you have gotta say, about this statement.


2 thoughts on “Quake

  1. well, congrats…u lived to tell us this :-). good to have the nature’s fury experiences only then will u start appreciating nature’s beauty.

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