The last week….

It has been very hectic. I was musing about my steady mood all through the ups and downs. Finally it has hit. Itni khush kaisi hoon?
As a matter of fact, nothing that I have wanted have I got without any strings. Whenever I wanted something, someone had an objection with it. At times attributed to their possessive behaviour or call it anything. Funny indeed. Am I to be happy for their concern or otherwise. Just drives home the point how important is “space” for an individual.
There has been yet another thing that has been soo prevalent. The duplicity of behaviour and the way people bitch. Even if one does not participate, one invariably is dragged into it. Just feel as though a part of myself is lost…

Considered this pathetic mood and thought that I need to get out of it. Max duration being half a day…. I am back to being myself. Ask me what was the remedy…well..well

Rafi…his Mellifluous music is enough to make me going..infact running again. Just listening to his “Abhi na jao chod ke ke” makes me smile at the beauty of lyrics the wonderful way in which the scene was shot. Simply superb! One of my all time favorites.


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