Its been a real long time since I came here. I just didn’t want to, somehow do not want to explain it either. How I wish everyhting was understood without talking.
“kabhi kabhi pata chalta hai ki shabd kitne mehetvapoorn hai…ya shayad kitne bebas…”
There is always this one feeling or desire to know more about what that person is thinking. Having known that I cannot really say I am happy, but then its nice to take it subjectively. I never knew some facets of those people soo close to me. Its nice to be privy to this persona…what all happens in that mind part from the playful banter and that repartee. Its as though I am knowing a new person. Yet, there are few who are soo very predictable. I wonder how two men in my life are in fact so different and yet are so similar. Having known both of them so intimately, I was quite surprised that I couldn’t see this facet of the two. Behind all that they are their crux is same.
I love it the most when the core remains untouched by the happenings, yet the covering changes. There is that required space given and yet that intimacy.


3 thoughts on “Enigma

  1. Look here.. U really want ppl to come here and post comments, u better write things they r in know of , or more wisely, follow my time-tested policy of drooling into a hard copy blog.

    Else u’ll be letting the cat(s) out of the bag, like the hitherto unknown( to me) things like the “two men” 😉

    p.s. I’m discretion personified, don’t worry :pp

  2. can u leave the junta reading ur blog to take a breather and understand or u still want us to feel the enigma…which i think would be a negative part of the blog…however, quite succintly put, looks like a CIA mail, those who have to understand only understand and noone else.

  3. As i always say to u..everything tht happens,happens for the good…
    i completely trust this line, n m sure u agree too…so just chill!!

    “God’s delays are not his denials” This says it all…always remember wenevr u feel low or dejected…

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