Simple things that matter

Coming back from a hectic day at work, I can either curse that my building so far from the gate else I have the choice of admiring the brilliance of the setting sun. Playing a hide and seek with the clouds it casts it golden aura on the evening sky. At this time of the year, the shades of orange are really superb. One can stay transfixed with the changes that occur by the minute. Every minute presents a different hue, that no possible palette can capture.

This makes me realise that the best things in life that can make me happy are least expensive. A rose garden, an innocent smile of a child..these are the things that make me happy and keep me happy too. An expensive pair of sunglasses gives me the momentary happiness, but entails with it the burden of extreme care. It leaves me with no peace of mind untill it is safely put back in its case. How can I possibly derive my happiness out of such trappings?


3 thoughts on “Simple things that matter

  1. What sri said and….
    If you think that the walk from hyd bldgs to the gate is far off then I and sri can tell you a thing or two about life over here nanna…

  2. I agree – the best things in life are free like a baby’s smile, a beautiful rainbow, the smell of mud after the first rain, lush green fields and the list goes on…

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