Dreams are always weird. Some are illogical and some frightening that I get up in the middle of the night with a major jolt. There have been dreams when I have laughed the whole day after that. Unfortunately, I hardly remember all my dreams 😦 unlike my mom who has dreamt some of the most hilarious ones or my friend who said she has seen a movie and its sequel in her dreams. I guess how the continued version starts…. Just trying to imagine the start 🙂 . I can’t remember a whole dream completely and here are people with episodes…

Yesterday’s dream was totally illogical. Apparently, Bandy and I were supposedly on our way back home, in a city that I had never seen and this time in a tube train…that suddenly changed to a long hallway where we decided to eat. ( I must admit I never miss my meals 😉 I know many of you might wanna say lots about it..but chill !! ) Though Bandy had something I didn’t. We then decided to get going. Just then Bandy offered to take us through some kinda shortcut. This primarily included moving from one building to another. You might want to know whats so illogical, well we were moving across the roof tops :D. Bandy crossed one, claiming to be an expert and having done it many times… I was as usual being cautious, waiting for her to accomplish the crossing, successfully. Bandy then met a man on the other roof top. He was sitting there, I presume waiting. He cautioned us saying that the owner of this roof is a grumpy man who doesn’t like people crossing using his roof. Well just then this so called skyscraper.. or that I had imagined turned into the roof of independent houses. But the roof was all connected (I guess the way it was in Doon). Bandy managed to cross it but then she got worried. I was trying to comfort her and tried to show how easy it was. ( I hope u still remember it was a dream)

Just then I realized we were on the ground floor and had reached our destination. Isn’t that really quick…how I wish I could circumvent the daily traffic.. I don’t mind facing my acrophobia and getting home so fast.

We then were at somebody’s house. ( I am not sure if this was the place we wanted to go) I presume we were there on some kinda errand and got ourselves invited. I have never visited this house…believe me…only in my dreams. The family didn’t seem very pleased to have us there L. But then we had to do our duty. ( Pl no questions about what that was). We were asked to accompany for breakfast/lunch/snack (no idea). I guess we did eat something because we thought it was civil to wash our plates after we were done.

At the table, there were two little girls. One of them was asked to sing some nursery rhyme/song,( as usual is the course with the little souls..their parents always want to show what all their children learnt and also some kinda entertainment for guests) .The recital was duly corrected by her elder sis. Apparently, the hostess liked our behaviour. (I dunno for what…) She then told us about our common acquaintance. It was nice to get compliments for nothing.

That was the end of it. Well I frankly didn’t understand why did Bandy and I go to visit this weird family and possibly crossing roof tops :).

This entry definitely requires a mention of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Kubla Khan. I have always enjoyed the poem. Its fascinating to see how one’s brain works while dreaming.


One thought on “Dream

  1. Well your brains do really work full time even while you are zzzzzzzzzzzing lady.. take a chill pill darling…

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