Another dimension…

Finished writing all the crazy entrances…. am sure I won’t make it thru any of them…but then its ok. I have a relatively good life and right now am enjoying the ample..rather excess time I get at home. May be polishing my culinary skills would be more fun.

At work am being very busy. The very fact that I have come to work on a Saturday is the proof of it 🙂

Procrastinating is one thing i have to get rid of. Am sure many of my well wishers would want me to do that. have been trying though and can only hope to improve 😀

I guess its the result of the same that I have not yet posted any reviews of the books I have read. hmmmmm but gotta do something about it very soon.


One thought on “Another dimension…

  1. Hmm..

    Quite a from – the – heart feeling I must say. But then dear life is not a bed of roses and hard as we may try we cannot change the destiny. Not to mean that the entrance exams are not for you and me to crack or et all but its just that either the time or we the individuals are not yet ripe enough.

    As in every other aspect of life, if failure deters your desire for something, you never ever loved tgruly dear. Life is not about getting what you want but in striving hard for it.

    And do remember one thing.

    “Mann ka ho to accha,
    Par mann ka na ho to aur bhi acchha
    Kyunki jab mann ka nahi hota hai
    Tab woh hota hai jo Woh chahta hai”

    and as you know He is the one who knows the best.
    Let me tell you a story to prove a point….
    There was a very devout and virtous businessman who lived happily and contendedly till a very ripe age. When he died, as he was the Gods beloved child, God Himslef escorted him through the gateways of heaven. On his way he noticed the storehouse of The God where He kept all the goodies He intended to distribute to His dear children. There were a large pile of them marked as “Rejects”. To his astonishment our man sees sleek rolls royces lying unused over in that pile. He looks at the pile and incredously and asks the Dear Lord “O Holy Father!! Tell me, What kind of a fool would refuse such a sleek gift?” The lord smiles and answers “My Child!!You were one of them. When I wanted to give you this, you insisted on having a ford!!!”
    Hope you get the point dear Duns.
    Take care..

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