New Year

New Year 2005 has arrived.

It seemed soo long a time when it’ll be 2004 and now its over and am full blast into the new year.

Interesting scenario…so many things happening. My bday was not the same…it was after my last of my grand parents’ demise. It kinda seems very sad when I realise that there are no more gran parents for me. But then its part n parcel of life.

Was reading my astrological predictions for the new year. It is marked ..rather smothered with romance…lets see how things turn out to be.

The capricornian trait of applying practicality to everything is something I am just unable to shed…whether its concerning my attitude towards someone who was in my life and now not there even when they can or otherwise….

The first week in office has been exremely hectic with loads of work to do. bahut kaam hai !!!!

But in a way am enjoying it all……

Will update about my bday n all in due course….luv u blog.


One thought on “New Year

  1. still cant see the update on the bday da!! still waiting for me to buy you a gift so that you can mention it i suppose? well what can i say? i am touched!!

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