Value add to my Blog

From this time onwards I intend to add some more value to my blog. My passion for books has been evident to all who know me. It is this passion that will be once again made to use, this time around to enhance my blog. Every book I erad, I do tend to reflect upon it. Draw some parallel with my life’s experiences and see if I tend to like the author’s views upon the said topic. If its info that I have learnt I would like to make a note of the same. I haven’t been doing this. This would hence allow me to preserve my observations.

Typically in one word I would like to clock my opinion on the books I read. As usual I have been verbose enough to give explanation and then put the same idea in the most garrulous terms 🙂 I don’t seem to get over it..and neither see its possibility, until I have am imposed upon to do so.

I will start with some of the books I most enjoyed in the recent past.

-Five Point Someone- Chetan Bhagat

-Twenty thousand Leagues Under the Sea- Jules Verne

Also the ones that are my favorites…

Far from the Madding Crowd- Thomas Hardy (This is gonna be pretty tough 🙂 )

Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen

Frenchmen’s Creek- Daphne deMaurieur (I hope I got her spelling right)

As the Crow Flies- Jeffrey Archer

I presume this is just the start and wanna develop it much better. I hope each effort of mine would help me in making a better effort.


One thought on “Value add to my Blog

  1. of all the ones you mentioned only one concurs with my all time favorites “as the crow flies” its surprising our tastes vary so much inspite of all our marked similarities…

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