Biblio Cormorant

This is my new id in GMAIL. I wanted something different…something that reflected my deepest and keenest interest to be my username.

I like the features of the GMAIL…

Now coming to the title…it definitely deserves some kinda explanation…

Going by my usual nature I definitely tend to complicate things a wee bit…well that is what people around me claim..while I find it otherwise. It has been the trend score well in an exam that was tough for all and flop miserably in the easier ones…I guess my hardwiring is ‘zarra hatke’ 🙂

Biblio…thats self explanatory..based on the root word for books…

Cormorant..typically its a large voracious dark-colored long-necked seabird with a distensible pouch for holding fish; used in Asia to catch fish…..

Now the reason why I have used this simile is to represent the kind of zest/enthu/appetite that I have for books.

Books are my life and I think I cannot survive without them.

Dedicating my latest mail id to this is most befitting and I believe, it represnts my truest feelings.


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