At work

I have been working for the last one year now in one of countries most prestigious organisations. Hmmm…..

If I put it into words like this then I feel nice about the whole thing, but in my daily routine I do not find things at all so very great. The gloss is what covers all the places whether its a premier institute or organisation or a profession.

My life in the last one year has changed tremendously but in spite of all these changes there are certain things common with regard to my professional life….

I haven’t had any special bonding towards my workplace or organisation.

My detachment with regard to the ongoings and the people has been just the same. Its a care a damn attitude that sets into me or rather prevails when it concerns my life at work. Yes, I want to do the job well and prove my worth but it doesn’t drive me to sit in the office for long hours or be totally committed to it.

This could be because of one main reason….My dislike towards the work.

The work I do is really not what I want to do…..well I do it purely because its a good career move and also because of the independence I achieve with the kind of remuneration paid.

I do not deny that I have had the experience of my life because of the opportunity provided by my work….but yet its the ocaasional distress that gets into me that tells me am not in the place I am supposed to be.

Reading all this ….I might sound kinda pessimistic..down in dumps and all..but on the contrary am feeling very nice about the fact that I am able to visualise all this clearly. My ideas and aims will not get clouded because of the ongoing chores….the detachment helps me to get back to them.

There is yet another thing I have realised about myself…..

I am capable of actually putting in a lot of effort that I think was incapable of…. I am a better person.

Now I need to work towards being the very best 🙂

My recent interviews with my close friends revealed a lot to me…. I realised that I am not as clear in expressing myself and keep them busy as to what could be the reason for a particular kind of behaviour……

I guess I have the knack of keeping people busy 😉

I hope I am atleast more explicit about myself in future.


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