Blowng with the ‘Current’

With a tryst with My Lord after a really long time…I am very happy


Its been one helluva week all the while last week and I had good fun. The fitness freak I meant to be, am on the path to become one. Am sure it has called for an unbelievable amount of encouragement and this time coming from myself, made me feel elated.

It made me realise that workout is a ‘terribly horrbly appalingly awfully and unbearably good thing for my health’ πŸ˜‰

I have started with things that I would never have done and now am doing them out of my own initiative. My only regret being that I have not yet finshed Atlas Shrugged….am on the verge of its completion. It has taken an unusually long time, and I wonder yet again that was it me all through from last June till May this year. May be not and I do not like the idea.

But having buried the past under the hatchet, now can move on….


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