Why would a person work ?

I think that the main reason for motivation is the praise one can gather from the people they value most and moreover also to satisfy one’s own ego.

I bother to fill my blog with the various entries as and when I feel and never really cared that someone I wanted would be checking it on and off to see how the scribe in me was working.

I did tend to neglect ‘you my blog’, but yesterday night was a sweet jolt that made me realize that I must get a bit more dedicated  J


My biggest folly, that I have come to realize is that I am not motivated enough.

Never in my life, have I really felt the real need to achieve something. I have always lacked the extra push to be the very best. I was always satisfied as being good.


I am now to change all this. I am pushing myself, as much as I can. There is no person who is doing that for me. I am for first time wanting to be in the very best of B-school.

I find myself changed in a number of ways, when it comes my method of work and attitude .

I presume that the recent events are also to an extent responsible, but yet again I would like to credit myself for having adapted in this manner.

I bragging J but I guess kuch hadh tak  ego boosting and boasting is definitely good.


Signing off for the day, and looking fwd for a nice weekend.


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