This is the very first time I have created my ‘BLOG’.

There has been an incredible change in my life in the last one year. I have done things which I never thought would happen and some of my dreams also came true.

I did have my share of disappointments, but all said and done I have emerged much wiser.

This has been the first opportunity that I have come out to live independently. Posted in Pune, far away from home, it’s going to be a new life for me.

I thought I had forgotten my diary but now I have found one that’s mobile.

There has been a change in every sphere….and I am living every minute of it.

Ruminating about all this, I can but remember the ‘ The Brook’s Song ‘ by Rudyard Kipling.

‘Men may come,

Men may go,

But I go on forever…. ‘


One thought on “Change

  1. Hello MisMas!!
    Way to go!
    Unraveling the Enigma eh. Then you better pitch in some “secrets” to corroborate THAT! 😉

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